3 Dec 2019 to 4 Dec 2019


The Working Group on Measuring E-commerce and the Digital Economy is scheduled to take place on 3-4 December 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. The working group is organised by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and aims to advance co-operation on measuring e-commerce and the digital economy. It also aims to enhance the availability, quality, comparability, usability, and relevance of statistics concerning e-commerce and the digital economy. Together, it will support evidence based policy-making, especially in developing countries.

In its first meeting, the working group will focus on revising the UNCTAD Manual for the Production of Statistics on the Information Economy, and measuring domestic and cross-border e-commerce. The results of this working group will then be reported to the fourth session of the Intergovernmental group of Experts on E-Commerce and the Digital Economy in April 2020.

For more information on the working group as well as registration process, visit the event website.


The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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