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The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation


Geneva diplomats graduate in Internet governance

Geneva, 10 September 2014: Nine Geneva-based diplomats graduated today from an online training course ‒ An Introduction to Internet Governance (IG) ‒ offered by the Geneva Internet Platform, an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by DiploFoundation.

The graduates represent six Geneva-based permanent missions (Bahamas, Belarus, Mexico, Monaco, Romania, and Zimbabwe), alongside representatives from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Switzerland) and the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The course was tailored to the needs of diplomats who follow IG and other Internet-related policy fields (e.g. telecommunications, human rights, cybersecurity, and trade). While improving their IG knowledge, participants gained the practical skills and know-how necessary to effectively participate in actual IG processes.
Participants interacted online between 30 June and 3 August in an innovative learning environment and subsequently applied this knowledge to current events in the IG world in weekly chat sessions. During the course, a total number of 336 contributions were made on the online platform. The learning programme followed recent policy discussions and negotiations with a focus on Geneva-based processes.

IG is one of the most dynamic and important policy areas in today’s diplomacy. Touching every facet of global affairs, and personal and professional lives, the mastery of Internet basics is indispensable to Geneva missions, based as they are in a world hub of IG policy shaping.


Photo gallery from the graduation ceremony

Testimonial ‒ Bernadette Butler, Permanent Mission of the Bahamas: I thoroughly enjoyed the Introduction to Internet Governance course. The information that I received was eye-opening. The coursework helped me to understand the importance of the Internet and the challenges it presents. I especially enjoyed our chat sessions, where I was able to benefit from your experience and the experiences of the other participants. I can certainly say that I have gained a greater understanding of the world around us.

Testimonial ‒ Luca Urech, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs: Through attending DiploFoundation’s course on Internet Governance, I considerably expanded my knowledge of the subject matter. Making use of innovative teaching methods, the course allowed me to rapidly obtain a comprehensive overview of the complex Internet governance ecosystem, on which I can draw on a daily basis.

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The Geneva Internet Platform is an initiative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM and the Canton of Geneva

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