A Role for Civil Society?

A role for civil society?
ICTs, norms and confidence building measures in the context of international security

Camino Kavanagh and Daniel Stauffacher
Geneva, 2014

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Baseline Review: ICT-related Processes & Events

Baseline Review: ICT-related processes & events 
Implications for international and regional security (2011-2013)

Camino Kavanagh, Tim Maurer and Eneken Tikk-Ringas
Geneva, 2014

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Gouvernance d’Internet: Une Mise à Jour s’Impose

Copyright 2014 Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zürich

Pendant longtemps, l'Internet a incarné une ressource mondiale tranascendant l'Etat. Il était synonym d'absence de frontières et de mondialisation. Main en 2013 cette vision a été ebranlée jusque dons ses bases par l'affaire Snowden. Dans la lutte actuelle pour la réorganisation de la gouvernance d'Internet la Suisse se positionne en tant que mediatrice importante.

Internet: Higher Data Rates and New Rules for .ch Domain Names

Bern, 05.11.2014 - As part of the universal service, the minimum data rates for broadband internet connections will be doubled. This is one of the consequences of the Federal Council's approval of various amendments to ordinances in the telecommunications sector. These amendments improve transparency and the indication of prices for telecommunications services and value-added services and strengthen the means available to the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) in order to combat frequency spectrum interference.

Cybersecurity and Information Security Definitions

The goal of this study by Tim Maurer and Robert Morgus 'is to contribute to greater clarity and understanding regarding terminology related to cyberspace and cybersecurity by offering a collection of existing definitions of related terms primarily provided by international organizations or standard setting bodies as well as by states through national (cyber-) security strategies and documents. These are complemented by terms from a few selected other sources such as the Oxford Dictionary on Computing'.



Internet Governance in September 2014: The Resurrection of Cyberspace

A webinar digest: Geneva Briefing on Internet Governance (7 October 2014)

Evidence and Measurement in Internet Governance

In every policy area, informed policy-making requires access to data and evidence. Solutions simply cannot be advanced without an accurate scope of the problem. Internet governance and ICT policy are no exception. For policymakers to make informed decisions on combatting cybercrime, they need to know how big the threat is. For economists, national data is just as important. The same applies to critical infrastructure, and many other areas.

Update on Bitcoin Developments

Blog post by Simona Cioroiu on 28 Oct 2014, taken from DiploFoundation website

Global Network Torino Conference Report

The Evolution of the Internet Governance Ecosystem conference report.

Online Mass Surveillance

Online mass surveillance: “Protect right to privacy even when countering terrorism” – UN expert

NEW YORK (23 October 2014) – United Nations human rights expert Ben Emmerson today urged Governments currently engaged on mass surveillance of the internet for counter-terrorism purposes to update their national legislations in line with international human rights law for new technology surveillance measures.



The Geneva Internet Platform is an initative of the Swiss authorities


Members of the Steering Committee are FDFA, OFCOM, Canton of Geneva, ETH-Zürich, and the University of Geneva

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