Harnessing AI’s power for health

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The EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva, the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the UN in Geneva, the Permanent Mission of Slovenia to the UN in Geneva (currently holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU), and the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) in partnership with the International Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI), invite you to a series of dialogues titled From Geneva: Reflections on digital future which discusses issues of importance for the Geneva and global audiences. Our next dialogue, ‘Harnessing AI’s power for health’, will be held on 3 November 2021.

New technologies have had a revolutionary impact on healthcare since the early 1990s. Complex and costly at first, new technologies are providing mainstream support for society, with remarkable value for people’s health. The power of computing platforms, together with rapidly developing software and increased connectivity are improving our lives – from monitoring the impact of policies on population health and helping people manage their healthy habits, to mobile health (mHealth), wearable devices, telehealth, and telemedicine.

Through the use of robotics, machine-learning techniques, and sophisticated tools, AI is transforming the healthcare sector and the future of health. As data, analytics, and AI drive innovation across the sectors, the pandemic triggered the acceleration of modelling and predicting demands and solutions, both for diagnostics and drug development. Intellectual property laws will have to find a way to adapt in order to enable innovation and protect future developments and investments.

At the same time, education, investment, the multiplication of effects, and the equal distribution and development that takes into account the safety and security of citizens, are just some crucial activities that we, as a society, must undertake when it comes to AI and the future of health.

How can we reach long-lasting results? How can we harness the power of AI for public health and reduce the risks related to the use of new technologies? How can we make sure that developing countries equally and meaningfully benefit from the rapid technological developments? What are the implications of new technologies in the field of intellectual property?

Join us on Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021, at 13:00 UTC (9:00 ET | 14:00 CET | 21:00 CST).


  • Mr Amandeep Singh Gill, CEO and Director, International Digital Health & AI Research Collaborative (I-DAIR)
  • Dr Vida Groznik, Researcher, University of Ljubljana; Assistant Professor, University of Primorska; CEO, NEUS Diagnostics
  • Ms Catherine Holloway, Professor and Academic Director, Global Disability Innovation Hub (GDI Hub), UCL; PC Chair, AI and Assistive Technologies, International Research Centre on Artificial Intelligence (IRCAI)
  • Dr Andreas Alois Reis, Co-Lead, Global Health Ethics Team, Division of the Chief Scientist, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Ms Ulrike Till, Director, IP and Frontier Technologies Division, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)


Dr Tereza Horejsova, Director Projects and Partnerships, Diplo


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