SME Cybersecurity: Let’s Take Action!

Event description

[Update] The event report is now available. Read it on the GIP Digital Watch observatory.

The Department of Security and Economy of the Republic and Canton of Geneva will organise an event on cybersecurity and small and medium enterprises, on 6 March 2018, in Geneva, at the UBS Auditorium.

The event will be dedicated to raising the awareness of local enterprises on cybersecurity, and to encouraging them to take the steps needed to protect themselves in the digital age. The discussions will revolve around four main topics: protecting information systems, prioritising human interests, reacting to an attack, and exploring the legal framework.

The programme will feature debates on specific issues such as cyberspace and cyber threats, main types of cybersecurity attacks and how companies can protect themselves, and fighting cybercrime. An overview of cybersecurity initiatives and events will also be part of the discussions.

For more information, visit the event webpage.

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