2022 Annual Conference of the Geneva Human Rights Platform – On/off: Implications of digital connectivity on human rights

Event description

Event date: 18 October 2022, 9:00–19:00 CEST

The annual conferences of the Geneva Human Rights Platform (GHRP) have looked at connectivity among human rights actors. The 2022 On/Off – Implications of Digital Connectivity on Human Rights conference will turn to digital connectivity in the field of human rights, exploring how digitalisation could exert both positive and negative impacts.

Some big issues to be tackled include the evolution of international human rights law in the digital area and the role of the Geneva-based international human rights (IHR) system (UN treaty bodies, the Human Rights Council and its special procedures, etc.) to ensure the continuum of protection.

The expert roundtable on digital human rights tracking tools will bring together, for the first time, experts in the field to discuss the implementation of IHR obligations and generate recommendations for accountability bodies. The public events will be held in the afternoon.

For more information, and to register, please visit the official page.