2023 Innovations Dialogue: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Future Battlefields

Event description

Event dates: 27 June 2023, 9:00–17:45 CEST

The 2023 edition of Innovations Dialogue invites military, technical, legal, and ethical experts to explore the impact of AI on autonomous weapons, domain-crossing warfare (across land, naval, and air), and the emergence of new domains (cyber, space, cognitive, etc.). 

Built on last year’s Innovations Dialogue where much theorisation around AI’s capability to unlock next-generation military capacity took place, this year’s focus will turn to more context-specific discussions to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Furthermore, in recognition of the growing demand for governance and regulation in the realm of AI, the Innovations Dialogue will also serve as a platform to deliberate on the objectives and framework for future multilateral conversations regarding this intricate subject matter.

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