9th WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property (IP) and frontier technologies

Event description

Event dates: 13–14 March 2024

The 9th WIPO Conversation, themed ‘Training the Machines: Bytes, Rights and the Copyright Conundrum’, will address the ongoing debate faced by AI developers, who rely heavily on publicly available internet data for training, despite the inclusion of copyrighted works. On one hand, excluding copyrighted works from training data would hinder AI systems’ ability to reflect today’s society accurately. On the other hand, creatives, authors, musicians, and artists express concerns regarding the use of their works without consent or fair compensation. Training aims to explore a balance between technological advancements and protecting the rights of content creators.

This hybrid event, scheduled for March 13-14, 2024, will offer both in-person and virtual attendance options via Zoom. The event targets creators, AI developers, innovators, data scientists, tech enthusiasts, IP experts, and policymakers. The forum aims to foster meaningful discussions, share insights, and potentially identify effective strategies for addressing the copyright challenges associated with AI training.

You can find more information on programme and registration here.