Diplo Week in Geneva

Event description

Event dates: 7–11 November 2022

Diplo is celebrating its 20th anniversary through its Diplo Week in Geneva, which will feature a series of open-door events for participants to learn about the cutting-edge AI applications and data analytical tools that Diplo has developed, as well as other exciting findings from Diplo’s research factory. From 7 to 11 November, Diplo will focus each day on a different crucial theme pertinent to digital technologies.

Join us on a journey to discover Diplo’s ideas, tools, and services that blend technology, art, and diplomacy into a beautiful cuisine.

On 7 November, in the cooking (pun intended) is the Digital Development and Inclusion Day. The focus will be on the digital economy, innovations in Africa, and a pre-release presentation of Diplo’s study titled Stronger African Digital Voices.

On 8 November, we will officially launch of the Geneva Digital Atlas 2.0. The Atlas comprehensively maps out the digital policymaking and internet governance ecosystem in International Geneva, covering the activities of 50 actors, analysing policy processes, and providing a catalogue of all core instruments and events. An art exhibition, featuring the work of Prof. Vladimir Veljasevic, will also take place at the Palais des Nations.

On 9 November, Diplo experts will explain the basics of AI and data management to the audience, while introducing Diplo-developed AI tools for drafting peace treaties, writing meeting reports, and managing conferences.

On 10 November, the Humanitarian Diplomacy Day will highlight the challenges/opportunities humanitarian diplomats face. Diplo will also celebrate ten years of cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in delivering its Humanitarian Diplomacy online course.

Finally, on 11 November, Diplo will turn to cybersecurity issues, especially on how an individual should respond to a cyberattack, as well as what the role of governments and businesses is in dealing with cyber emergencies.

As Diplo Week in Geneva approaches, we welcome you with open doors!

To learn more and register, please visit the Diplo Week web page.