The 8th WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property (IP) and Generative AI

Event description

Event dates: 20–21 September 2023

The WIPO Conversation serves as an inclusive, open platform, inviting multiple stakeholders to engage in discussions on the influence of cutting-edge technologies on various intellectual property rights. The 8th session seeks to convene all stakeholders to discuss the important issues brought to light by generative AI.

Over recent years, the swift progression of technology has brought about a fundamental transformation in the creation and dissemination of creative works. The emergence of generative AI, which can produce novel and lifelike content in image, musical, and textual forms, holds the promise of revolutionising a variety of sectors. The expanding involvement of AI algorithms in crafting music, visuals, and other content raises various intellectual property (IP) inquiries.

This WIPO Conversation will facilitate dialogues among stakeholders, share best practices for the protection of creative works, and provide guidance to navigate the new challenges posed by generative AI on the copyright system.

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