2023 Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipation Summit

Event description

The 3rd Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipation (GESDA) Summit will take place between 11 and 13 October 2023 in Geneva, Switzerland. In alignment with GESDA’s overarching vision of “Using the Future to Build the Present,” the third GESDA Summit will foster discussions regarding crucial future prospects and challenges. This summit will serve as a complement to the unveiling of the third GESDA Science Breakthrough Radar® during the event.

Four elements make up the 3rd edition of the GESDA Summit:

  • Anticipatory briefings based on the 2023 edition of the GESDA Science Breakthrough Radar®. Sessions include:
    • ‘Neuro-augmentation and the Future of Peace and War’
    • ‘Living Beyond 100’
    • ‘The Next Fungal Pandemic’
    • ‘Secrets of the Deep Sea’
  • Interactive discussions with decision-makers will shed light on how scientific and technological breakthroughs might affect the future of people, our society, and our planet. Sessions include:
    • ‘Towards a New Planetary Compact’
    • ‘Defining the Red Line in Research’
    • ‘Trust and Transparency in Artificial Intelligence’
  • Presentation of GESDA’s Solution Ideas and Initiatives will inform you on how you can get involved. Sessions include:
    • ‘Quantum Solutions for All’
    • ‘Science Diplomacy at Scale’
  • Political assessment from leaders around the globe about their contribution to Anticipatory Science and Diplomacy.

For more information and to register, please visit the official page.

The 8th WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property (IP) and Generative AI

Event description

Event dates: 20–21 September 2023

The WIPO Conversation serves as an inclusive, open platform, inviting multiple stakeholders to engage in discussions on the influence of cutting-edge technologies on various intellectual property rights. The 8th session seeks to convene all stakeholders to discuss the important issues brought to light by generative AI.

Over recent years, the swift progression of technology has brought about a fundamental transformation in the creation and dissemination of creative works. The emergence of generative AI, which can produce novel and lifelike content in image, musical, and textual forms, holds the promise of revolutionising a variety of sectors. The expanding involvement of AI algorithms in crafting music, visuals, and other content raises various intellectual property (IP) inquiries.

This WIPO Conversation will facilitate dialogues among stakeholders, share best practices for the protection of creative works, and provide guidance to navigate the new challenges posed by generative AI on the copyright system.

For more information, and to register, please visit the official page.

ITU Council 2023 Additional Session

Event description

Event dates: 19–20 October 2023

The 2023 additional session of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Council will be held between 19 and 20 October in Geneva, Switzerland and online. It will be preceded by a cluster of council working groups and expert groups from 9 to 18 October at the ITU headquarters.

This session is dedicated to organisational and logistical issues, including the external auditor’s final report on the 2022 financial statements and the financial operating report on the audited accounts. It will also delve into the upcoming ITU headquarters project, determine the dates and format of the Council sessions for the years 2024, 2025, and 2026, as well as establish council working group and expert group clusters for the forthcoming period.

For more information, please visit the official page.

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